Tuning Circuits

No Compassion
Tuning Circuits
No Compassion

Vinyl edition of the Dutch 1990 cassette, packed with DIY / Industrial "Analogue Dancecore". Whole thing is fucking brilliant, with the title track acting as a totally angst-ridden anthem. Highest recommendation. 

"Welcome 2LP reissue for this 1990 underground EBM/industrial/new-beat/tekno side from from René Bakker. Originally self-released on tape via his own Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics, in an edition of just 200, this is a killer set which like early PWOG or the finest KK Records, exists at the point where agoraphobic/industrial DIY meets the rampant jack-attack and psychedelic impulse of rave. “All rhythms, synths, vocals, effect, tape and radio manipulations by RB. Recorded live at home April/May 1990. No mixing or editing afterwards, no samples, no stereo, no dolby. PLAY THIS ANALOG DANCECORE VERY LOUD!!!!” 




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