Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raasted

Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raasted

Onomato— whu? Poetico? Totally baffled by that title, which seems to suggest some kind of bone-dry word-game shenanigans rather than what we actually have here: an intrepid headlong voyage into psychological heavy weather and encounters with fearsome nameless monsters of the deep! Gulp! Immersive, engrossing, it's like a lower-fi take on Bruce Gilbert and DAW's Diluvial. Or as if Spotify’s Relaxing Whale Sounds playlist got hacked by Small Cruel Party. IN A GOOD WAY.

Ranghild May and Kristoffer Raasted don’t explicitly mention the ocean at all as far as I can tell, but come on: water splashing, submerged organ drones churning and swirling, solemn bell-tones - it’s a nautical nightmare folks!  And that would be interesting enough - but the late, climactic arrival of Raasted’s vocals, a muffled, depressive shanty sung from the sea-floor - Slint's 'Good Morning, Captain' wafting through the wreck of Gavin Bryars' Titanic - hoist it into the premier league (ran out of nautical metaphors there sorry). 

I can’t remember the last time (2016?) I had an hour to myself to in bed listening to music on headphones but IF the opportunity were to arise any time soon, I would stick Onomatopoetico on and shut my eyes - cos (and I really don't say something this gauche lightly) it’s a veritable movie for the ears, albeit the kind of movie where everyone ends up drowned / gored by giant squid. Very good indeed.




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