DJ David Goblin

Ork Muzik
DJ David Goblin
Ork Muzik

DJ DAVID GOBLIN launches 40 minutes of rabid new beat / gabber war-dance over the battlements and into your disc-drive.

Freeform Gandalf-bash is back on the menu with this boiling cauldron of nosebleed, Mordor-via-Rotterdam hard step and mead slosh'd euro synth-wave, all brought together in the hysterical GENIUS of the ‘Gobs buzz saw guitar and overdubbed Ork grunt.

This grubby wee CD is essential for all the realm dwellers but if you already get down to the likes of Kotzaak / that Popcorn album on Ultra Eczema / LOTR directors cutz or The South Yorkshire Mick Hucknall, then THIS will really awaken your inner goblin. ORK POWER!




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