The Pickle Factory

Our Anthems
The Pickle Factory
Our Anthems
Deadstock copies! The second outing of the Anti-Natural's Scott Faust together with Karla Borecky and Mike Popovich under their bizarre, trance commanding alias, THE PICKLE FACTORY, originally recorded in 1996 but not given a release until 2010(!).

Marching under most radars for a decade, this humble juggernaut of highly focused, minimal studio escapades and concisely inventive sketches rapidly take form, with each track feeling as calm and precise as the next. We would however struggle to go much further without giving notable mention going to Borecky’s nervously gesturing vocals on “Whorl”(clip 3!), which rush over steady, focussed chord loops in a manner so earthly and understated, it feels like they are delivering to you some painful yet mundane truth, forgoing any embellishment or hedonism entirely. Definitely shares some similarities in delivery to the Brannten Schnürre stuff too….(BRANSTON Schnūrre?!? c’mannnnn).

It’s a total one-off, really. Most of the LP holds more of a line than the likes of Faust’s other brilliant if erratic projects, Anschluss etc… the majority of this PF record built around a skeleton of dub-flecked, UK post-punk basslines and given form by closely calculated synths and electronic textures….perhaps there are more similarities to Faust / Borecky’s Idea Fire Company stuff, like if Dome did a lounge album or, at times, like a kinda grown-up edition of Eric Random & The Bedlamites. So subtle and addictive this one. Enough to make you think that the perfectly overstated Oi comp / Oasis mix CD title was actually chosen ON PURPOSE… ! Winner!!


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