Rhythmic Theory / Pessimist

Outlawed From Reality
Rhythmic Theory / Pessimist
Outlawed From Reality

Bristol's master of bruk techno lands on Creme Org with an exemplary four-tracker. The headliner is his "choppage" remix of Pessimist's UVB-76 ace 'The Empty House', which bends the original's mutant dancehall minimalism into a lithe, strobing dnb prowler. The imperial phase of Bristol dubstep has always been a key influence on the RT sound, but 'Cyclic Motion' is his most unabashed tribute to the source: it wouldn't have sounded out of place on Tectonic circa 2006-08, and there is no higher praise than that. The title track and 'Rachael's Theme' revert to the advanced steppers' patterning that has characterised most of his recent work, but with more evolved and eerie synth work. For those that know. 

CR1294 | NETHERLANDS | 2017 | 12" 


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