One-time vinyl edition of 100, in hand-assembled sleeves, includes download code. 

THEY’VE COME ON HOLIDAY - BY MISTAKE! Arresting suite of stark, tape-saturated folk songs, field recording collages and sleepy-eyed loops from the duo of Catriona Davies and Andy Mac - on the themes of “loss, desire, freedom, redemption, and ecological obliteration.” At the risk of sounding facetious (us?!), imagine if Kath Bloom ditched Loren Connors and went to visit Pole instead. The material was recorded when the C and A were holed up in mid-Wales in winter 2015, using a single borrowed Sennheiser MD 441 cardioid mic while field recordings of owls, crows, rain, streams, trees (accumulated at various times and places over the past 15 years) played on hi-fi speakers in the background. No separation, overdubs or multi-tracking. The instrumentals were made during the same stint in Wales using a Roland SP808 Sampler, a Korg Stage Echo Tape Delay and a single record of piano sonatas belonging to the owners of the house they were staying in. “Belan is the memory of a life in the empty space in which it was only ever passing through.” 




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