Radiante Pourpre

Radiante Pourpre
Radiante Pourpre
Radiante Pourpre

Ships Thursday 5th October. Silk-screened sleeve + insert.

"Radiante pourpre" = "radiant purple”. Like Premier Inn or Ribena. But this record is better value than the former, more quenching than the latter (nearly) - and Antinote's most eye-catching and leftfield outing since the marvellous Domenique Dumont LP. It’s the work of two hommes from Bordeaux called Alex and Leopold, associated with the Simple Music Experience collective/label. This set was recorded in 2014 in the Brussels art-space Komplot, and originally released on a tape (now out of print) on S.M.E.. Working primarily with Korg synths and tape loops, they claim Muslimgauze and Genesis P-Orridge as their patron saints, and deal in subtly dubwise industrial, ambient and jerry-can concrète: if you were told Radiante Pourpre was an obscurity from France’s late 80s DIY/mail-art scene, or an addendum to Sugibayashi’s Mask Of The Imperial Family, you wouldn’t blink, but at the same time there’s nothing particularly retro about it: on the contrary, it taps into a stream of timelessness. Much in common with Pelican Daughters, Human Flesh, A Tent…that whole blessed continuum of bedroom producers trying to ape Eno or Dome on a budget, through a fog of depression, with no expectation of anyone listening, ever. We’ve been so spoiled with reissues from the heyday of this stuff, it’s good to hear a contemporary outfit offering such a grown-up and worthy response to it. Self-contained miniatures which, for the most part, simply suit themselves – maximum derangement of the senses with minimum pressure applied. Gloomy but luxuriant with it, “radiant purple” is about right. Quite brilliant.




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