Recompiled I/II
Recompiled I/II

Ships Friday. This surprise release from Ostgut Ton's A-Ton imprint makes a persuasive case, if it was needed, for Dave Sumner's singular contribution to techno. While not exactly a straightforward retrospective - the majority of the tracks included seem to be live versions, wholesale re-edits or subtle refinements - it's a timely and to-the-point overview of his sprawling catalogue, and makes clear its chilly recurring themes and motifs. There are fresh iterations of tracks from his Incubation album for Ostgut (a disappointment when it dropped in 2013, you'd have to say, but admirably purist), a couple of key contributions to the Sandwell District corpus, and older cuts for Synewave and his own (recently re-activated) Infrastructure New York. Although not without the occasional emotional flourish ('F3' and 'Golden Dawn' are very floaty indeed, while Sandwell's 'Falling The Same Way' remains a dewy high watermark of that volatile collaboration, and of post-2000 techno in general) it is for the most part bleak, bleepy and mercilessly hollowed-out gear, and whatever its American influences or inputs, whatever traces of Limelight's DNA remain, Recompiled's presence on Ostgut is entirely appropriate: this is nothing if not the sound of you-know-where. But it is, also, roughly fifty times more enjoyable and edifying than, say, a Dettmann LP...and there's the rub. Respect where it's due, eh. 

2x12" with sleevenotes by Brendan M. Gillen. 






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