Reductions 1995-1997
Reductions 1995-1997

Vainqueur: not just a Frenglish slur. Seminal x-ray techno from Berlin – rolling, relentless and stoically dubwise. These productions by René Löwe – plucked and fluffed from three 12”s originally released 1996-97 - are right at the heart of the Chain Reaction mythology/mystery, and represent perhaps the most faithful and meticulous transcription of the Basic Channel genome there's ever been.

Reductions offers a necessarily reduced (some versions remain exclusive to the original records and the Elevations CD comp) cross-section of the Vainqueur oeuvre. It's certainly enough to convince you utterly of the project's timeless immersive power: so sparse and repetitive and monochord, there's a powerful ABSENCE at the heart of these trax which effectively sets your imagination to work …its cavernous reverbs and decaying, contrailing synths give perfect sonic expression to post-rave mind-fray while also feeling like the outermost kosmic vibration of something that may, perhaps, have originated in the Caribbean (it's a shame that there was no room for Elevations 1 or 3 - Lowe's beatless, yet staggeringly rhythmic, masterpieces) Whatever, it’s the purest - purist - kind of dub-techno, with no room for ambient fluff or torpor: even at its most reflective, as on the sublime, previously unreleased ‘Antistatic II’, there is a dead-eyed, don't-fuck-with-me intensity to these tracks, and it's this, and the otherworldly holistic energy binding the whole, that resonates down the ages +++

Beautifully presented 3x12" set, fully remastered and with download code included.  







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