CS + Kreme / Yu Su

Roast Ghost / Little Forest
CS + Kreme / Yu Su
Roast Ghost / Little Forest

Samuel Karmel (F ingers) and Conrad Standish.

“An ambient-ambiance tape experience… With their self-titled debut last year on Total Stasis, CS + Kreme’s left field ambient pop took us by surprise and turned out to become one of our favourite, rinsed home-records from 2016. With a handful of gigs so far exclusively in the open air of Melbourne, the duo, consisting of Conrad Standish and Samuel Karmel (also part of F ingers), team up again for this release to jam together a bubbly, hypnotizing lullaby before venturing off into a warped dreamscape around the 10 minute mark. On the B-side Vancouver-via-Kaifeng resident Yu Su cleanses the body, mind and soul with Little Forest. Yu, one-half of You’re Me who previously released Plant Cell Division, combines beautiful snares, easy-going percussion, lush synths, and downtempo beats…”

“This release contains a limited C45 dark clear pro-dubbed cassette tape, two stickers and a FIY (fold it yourself) sleeve. Everything vacuum sealed together in a transparent plastic bag.” - Wichelroede




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