Kath Bloom & Loren Connors

Sand In My Shoe
Kath Bloom & Loren Connors
Sand In My Shoe
Aw jezuz...knee-weakening and glassy-eyed but ultimately, deadly, heart-bursting folk fragiles from the mid eighties, originally released in only tiny editions and now revived to rapidly assess the kinks in your armour! Have had to give up trying to spot the differences between these powerhouse songbooks, any attempt to journey into their intricate inner workings resulting in us being reduced to a fetal, blubbing MESS.

Perhaps “Sand In My Shoe” holds it’s head a tad higher as a whole, but both it and “Moonlight” are comprised of the intimate, soul-crumbling anecdotes and original songs of Kath Bloom, paired with subtle, almost untraceable guitar playing from Loren Conners, as well as a spades worth of abstract and delicate takes on more traditional blues and folk numbers. A direct line to her innermost struggles, Blooms voice is at times as damaged and delicate as a tipsy Linda Perhacs, timidly reflecting under her breath and at others, brutal and direct, as if she were parking a JCB atop your ticker.

Inscrutably strange and incomprehensibly beautiful LPs, the pair, teaming with a raw and eagle-eyed catharsis that is impossible to parallel.



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