O Yuki Conjugate

Scene In Mirage
O Yuki Conjugate
Scene In Mirage

O Yuki Conjugate's early magnum opus...a criminally undersung high watermark of '80s underground electronics, at once powerfully emblematic of the golden era of DIY experimentation that spawned it, and preternaturally accomplished and ahead of its time. The closest comparison I can think of is Chris Carter's Space Betweenbut Scene even more palpably anticipates the incoming (but still fairly distant) AI techno revolution (pre-echoes of Black Dog, B12, even Drexciya!) and (even further off) mid-late-90s Isolationism, while still betraying its debt to the '70s cold futurism of Cabs, John Foxx et al, and to Eno's uncanny lunar moods. The production is startlingly vivid and three-dimensional, and there are intimations in the relatively concise tracks of the more expansive, Fourth World ambient sphere that later OYC works would inhabit, but what makes this record indelible isn't just its sonic character, but the haunting melodies and arrangements, skeletal and unprepossessing but heavily freighted with a very British kind of melancholy. Words don't really do justice to this outstanding, every-home-needs-a-copy record - but hopefully the clips do! 








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