Andrew Lyster’s Youth label follows a pretty impeccable run of 12”s from Yard, Shamos and Yugen Disciple with this winningly bolshy 18-track CD drop from FUMU. It’s the Manchester producer’s debut, in fact, and a promising one at that: a blistering, Robocop-grim showcase of hard-edged, sweaty-palmed industrial electro, wrong-techno and aggro hip-hop jams which (for us at least) hangs together brilliantly well, and without compromise. ‘Disto Beatz2’ and ‘3’ seem to channel the Bomb-Squad-on-a-budget sound-murdering of Criminal Minds and Unique 3, while '15’ sounds like a Sidewinder grime plate bitcrushed by Tad Mullinux. Elsewhere a path is plotted somewhere between, what, Neubauten’s avant-bonehead klang, Final Cut’s mutant beat dance and Lego Feet’s B-boy cubism, but the vibe is very much FUTURE, whether on burned-out Memphis-via-Hulme low-riders like ‘Graveyard’ and the witchier ’Nununununun7oldold’, or exploring minimal dancehall (‘In The Darkness Girl’) or boinging breakbeat science (‘Untitled 5’). 'Late’, incidentally, sounds like it escaped from the Dust Brothers’ Fight Club soundtrack (in a good way honest!). It’s all pretty unrelentingly radgy, alienated-sounding stuff, but the quality is such that it doesn’t get tiring. I mean the fact that these EIGHTEEN tracks, far from outstaying their welcome, actually leave you wanting MORE, tells you all you need to know: FUMU’s one to watch, and this disc is a must for all paranoid anti-social beat-heads, which is what, at least 40% of yous reading this.




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