Sleep Heavy
Sleep Heavy

A quietly breathtaking set of downtempo, dubwise R&B/street-soul and crepuscular electronics from the trio of Amos Childs (Killing Sound), Jasmine Butt and Alex Rendall. Without doubt the most impressive and fully-realised work ever to come out of the Young Echo milieu, and a quintessential Bristol record, Sleep Heavy is a meditation on grief, a suite of devastating pop songs (driven by Rendall's confessional croon, Butt's ethereal plainchant) and a masterclass in atmosphere from Childs, whose sample-based but extraordinarily subtle production is the fruit of untold days and nights of committed digging in, among other things, underground UK soul, boogie, lovers rock, DIY/post-punk and Japanese minimalism...you need only a cursory listen to the clips to see how effectively and fluently he's synthesized these influences. It's a stunner. The obvious Bristol forebears  are Portishead's first LP and Massive Attack's Protection, but Sleep Heavy is a warmer, woozier work than either: its cold, alienated synth tones and brittle beats nestled in a womb-like ambience that you can hardly bear to leave, and know you must return to. 



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