Sometimes My Arms Bend Back
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back
Album of 2015, back in stock. Comes courtesy of the wonderful Vrystaete label, limited edition of 150 numbered copies, housed in white disco bag and plastic sleeve with a lovely, hand-printed art print (lino cut, eminently frameable) and insert. If you're already a Brunnen fan, you don't need me to sell this to you. If you're new to his work, well, I envy you what you have to look forward to - and this really is the best place to start. Very reminiscent of LPD / Edward Ka-Spel, yes, but also Eno, Felt, Dome... Lo-fi, yes, but beautifully arranged and recorded, melodically inspired, pungently atmospheric. You need this record. Vrystaete: "Brunnen is one of those best kept secrets from Holland... known to many in a small part of the music universe... of course he is known for his own releases... of which most are rather obscure records... but he is also known as being part of Beequeen... solo he writes light psychedelic folkpop tunes... sounding a bit like a lo-fi Legendary Pink Dots... and in a way he is truly a modern day acid troubadour telling small stories accompanied by minimal instrumentation... this is probably the last Brunnen record ever... and although this is a collection of new and older songs (some of them in a different version) this record was created with a narrative of its own..."


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