Solid Space

Space Museum
Solid Space
Space Museum

While Dark Entries' relentless mission to reissue absolutely everything ever released can get a little fatiguing, sometimes you really have to take your hat off: gorbless'em for making this obscenely rare and totally mind-blowing DIY oneaway from London duo Solid Space available to us mere mortals for less than the price of the big bag of grass it demands to be enjoyed with. It sounds like Matthew Vosburgh and Dan Goldstein dosed up on Captain Scarlett re-runs and stayed away for three nights before cutting this masterpiece of thin, nervy, dubbed-out meta-pop, which turns on a sixpence from post-punk Joe Meek-isms to bleary, Moral-esque minimal synth drift. Originally released on tape by the mighty In Phaze in '82, Space Museum has been bootlegged to vinyl numerous times but this official revive comes with proper remastering and all that. Don't miss. 


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