Damon Wild

Subtractive Synthesis IX
Damon Wild
Subtractive Synthesis IX

Techno with bleeps. Immaculate stuff as ever from D.W., who while hardly languishing in obscurity, never really gets his dues, I don’t think (some kind of Synewave retrospective would be a step in the right direction). ‘Timelapse' is Millsian black-hole sci-fi, all stately string sweeps and snap-claps pulled through chasmic reverbs; Wild’s own Time Machine Dub adopts more of a steppers rhythm, generally just jerking the chain and and dubbing the hell out of the bleeps until they’re, what, bloops? It's really good.

Wild was one of the patron saints of Sandwell District, but his association with fellow New Yorker Dave Sumner pre-dates by a stretch, and the Function remix highlights how much they have in common. That Ostgut comp, and now this remix, has given me a renewed appreciation of Sumner's stuff: the sobriety and rigidity of it, somehow both paranoid and tranced-out, ken.

Newcomer Postscriptum channels post-2010 Regis, in fact leaves us wondering if they are Regis, as they install thunderous broken beats, pitching down those spine-freeze string-pads into nightmarish bass drones, and leave us foaming at the mouth. 

Modernism is timeless... 




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