Tara Clerkin Trio

Tara Clerkin Trio
Tara Clerkin Trio
Tara Clerkin Trio

Didn’t know much about Bristol's Tara Clerkin Trio before this LP landed in our lap courtesy of Laura Lies In, but definitely feeling it...seven off-kilter but clearly very considered and confidently executed geometries of song, improvisation and electronics, pushing buttons here that haven't really been pushed since that first incomparable wave of Bristol UFOs - Third Eye Foundation, Movietone, Crescent - and, MOOD-wise, putting ye right back in the zone of being out of school / out of work / out of ideas and walking and walking and WALKING round town, fair deranged by your own boredom and uselessness, spotting clues to solving a non-existent mystery everywhere you look - a meaningful glance from a stranger, cryptic graffiti in the library bogs, pages missing from your book, a house at the end of the street that you could swear wasn't there the other week. Hrrrrm....

‘I Know He Will’ is near perfection, making me think of Pram’s The Moving Frontier (actual perfection), boring a hole in the fabric of space-time with nowt more than and some suspenseful minor chords on the keyboard, a woozy clarinet motif and incidental noise from the caff or community centre or practice space or whatever it is. The bugged-out exotica of ‘Hellenica’ and the wonderful ‘Gold Bar’, its live, heavily syncopated drums contracting into understated breakbeats, has echoes of the late 90s Ninja Tune / G-Stone sorta gear, IN A GOOD WAY, kind of salvaging what was promising about that whole kick and shedding the more embarrassing aspects, filling the vacated space with otherworldly dissonance and destabilising drones; 'In The Room's' crisp stately symphonic poptimism out-Holters Julia Holter, and 'Any Of These' flings itself fully into aqueous minimal jazz infinity.

Incidentally, it's very good to hear some contemporary DIY music that doesn't lean on drum-machines (seriously if I never hear another sparse tasteful fucking drum-machine loop in my life that’ll be absolutely fine, thx!); whatever post-editing is or isn't involved, the live kit really opens up the music (LOL listen to me) and makes it three-dimensional - linear synth-pop bores take note!

Good stuff, reckon anyone into Cucina Povera, recent CDF, the Spillage Fete stuff ++, should give it a shake. 





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