The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run
The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run

Shop favourite MARK returns stronger than ever after disposing of the bodies of some corporate weasel fuck-boys, thoroughly baw-twanged by his previous EPs for A Colourful Storm.

At points “The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run” (a title that sounds like my mother trying to lend some advice when she has had a few vodkas) feels every bit as much like a commission for some contemporary dance piece (or something like that) as it does a STORMING mutation of darkside DnB. Both lead tracks dense, industrial tones gain momentum slowly, reminding us of mid-80s Bruce Gilbert and developing into precisely programmed, yet totally frenzied, dance-floor assaults. The clips don't quite do it justice, but whatever - KILLER 12"..





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