Lumpy & The Dumpers

Those Pickled Fuckers
Lumpy & The Dumpers
Those Pickled Fuckers
“Just ‘cause I like to take a shit does it mean I’m obsessed with it?” Martin Meyer once replied to a journalist who asked the wrong question. Well, quite. The frontman (AKA Lumpy) of Lumpy and The Dumpers can’t blame people for thinking his lyrics and artwork dwell on more objectionable bodily functions and fluids. The cover of this latest one, their second for 2017, has colons and intestines (perhaps a few prostates, too?) chasing each other around a room. But look past the sex and sleaze Meyer brings to the project, his debased humour is precisely what’s so fucking good - a fitting American counterpoint to our favourite Heavy Metal LPs on Static Age. And it’s not the dirge or feedback that make ‘Those Pickled Fuckers’ appealing, rather the no wave mess arranged down the length of it. The b-side is equal parts Contortions, Blurt and Owen Maercks bolstered by both the heavy sax solos so adored on Lumpy's ‘Gnats in the Pisser’ 7” and lyrics (decipherable via an insert) that grab at Amos & Sara and the slackness of Eddy Current. This is on high rotation. 


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