Joe Talia

Joe Talia

Melbourne-born, Tokyo-based Joe Talia scrambles out of the cracks left by Kye with his first solo work worth paying attention to, out on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label. For over a decade Talia has been the consummate collaborator and hired gun for the middle-aged avant aristocracy (lol): drumming for Ambarchi, O’Rourke and Haino San, mastering, mixing and/or recording for Nazoranai and Arek Gulbenkoglu and a performer and musician in his own duo/group projects, most notably (and DEFINITELY worth checking) with James Rushford for their bleached-out electroacoustic / field recording LPs, Manhunter and Palisades. You cop the full force of this (non)storied career all the way through Tint. Tape loops and modular synths combine with Talia’s percussive intuition to deliver moments of sprawling, ecstatic free jazz mind-fry. Taking it’s inspiration from Jean-Claude Eloy’s Tokyo homage, Gaku-No-Michi, the record crescendos and plateaus in similar fashion but Talia’s exaltation has a knowing twinkle in it’s eye. It’s a look at Tokyo from the highest vantage point and transcribing its sparkling, neon pulse rather than the ghostlike automated imaginary of Eloy’s love note. Tint is (finally) a solo work from Talia that defines decades worth of work on the periphery - a fact that makes this constantly shifting, amorphous record all the more worthwhile. 




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