T'Raenon (Remastered Edition)
T'Raenon (Remastered Edition)

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Remastered edition of one of Photek's most majestic and ageless offerings, originally released on Kirk Degiorgio's Op-ART in '96 and remastered here for a new ART reissues series. A junglist love letter to Detroit techno, full of immaculate drum programming (from the criss rollage of the title track to the more impressionistic, understated brush-strokes of the version), perfectly judged future-jazz inflections and lovely brooding synth work. Even the wistful AI funk of 'Kanei', perhaps the most generic of the three tracks, is outstanding. Thousands tried to bite this style, and no one came close (least of all Photek). A tour de force, a flawless masterpiece, a record you can not and must not live without. 


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