Vera Dvale & Psyckovarius

Vera Dvale & Psyckovarius

Got any veras? This has been around for a couple of weeks but we didn't flag it up when it arrived, as it's a slow-burner and we were likely distracted by some other showier shite. Eerie, oneiric FM synth-based music that plots a perfect course through chasmic dark ambience, radiophonic wobble, and blissfully smacked-out tone-float. Church organ drones meet kosmic kwiksilver arpeggios, dour Detroit string-pads and heavy monotone basslines, garnished with subtle industrial klang and loose, louche commune-grade percussion. Perfectly balanced between the silken and the sludgy. New Age music for sewer-dwellers, by sewer-dwellers. Familiar territory made blindingly new. 




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