The Mover

Undetected Act From The Gloom Chamber
The Mover
Undetected Act From The Gloom Chamber

Woiii!!!! The Mover returns with a 2LP of new material, and lo, it’s a masterclass in futureproof stygian techno brutalism and Terminator-trance, as invigorating as a brick in the face, in one fell swoop separating the lifers from the part-timers.

His sonic palette hasn’t changed, these tunes feel like they could’ve been made any time in the last 20 years, truth be told; and nor has his aesthetic (choice track titles: ‘Doom Computer’, ‘Dark Comedown'...). But no one else has his touch. This is music that simultaneously feels like the soundtrack to a 23rd century amyl-fuelled orc rave (yeah and the orcs are wearing leather trenchcoats and wraparound sunnies indoors, make no mistake) and yet somehow effortlessly stylish, minimal, subdued.

Gabber and hardcore tekno comes harder and faster, if you want it, but none sounds as lean and cold-blooded as this, nor as nuanced. As ever with Trauner, some of his most bruising offerings are, well, the most bruised: see the melancholic sci-fi synth-scape of ‘Stars Collapse’, gloomcore in excelsis, or ‘Lost’ which teams a wistful AFX-style piano motif with hypnotic, overdriven bassline built to slice up a rig like edam. And the drum programming - fuck - man runs an 808 like a virtuoso, with rude, old-skool techno and electro-rooted patterns that are ultra-crisp and tough as nails but somehow also feel loose and lithe and never over-processed. Try listening to this and NOT wanting to gobble up a bucket full of drugs, smash the bucket on your head, and DANCE. What more could you ask for?! As a wise man said to us recently: “I’m just glad there’s someone who still makes techno that sounds like a UFO taking off.”




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