Carles Santos

Vampir, Cuadecuc
Carles Santos
Vampir, Cuadecuc

The first ever release of Carles Santos’ soundtrack to lifetime collaborator, Pere Portabella’s film - “Vampir, Cuadecuc” - a film that captures an almost entirely mute, behind the scenes hallucination of a coffin dodging Christopher Lee and the deep ocean-eyed Soledad Miranda amongst others, during the filming of the 1970 production of “Count Dracula”. 

The show stopper here is undoubtedly the twenty two minute-long behemoth of brooding silence and gothic, slow-fade electronics on the second side. 

Punctuated only occasionally by the roaring of a jet engine or the abrupt bark of some hell hound, the piece subtly depicts an unspoken dialogue between characters and specifically captures, even projects, all of the elaborate enchantment that permeates the endless gaze of Soledad Miranda, a gaze that hopelessly envelops all during the most crucial scene of Portabella’s film. 

To listen to this soundtrack sans moving image is to enter into the dream-like and contemplative state to where the actors venture on set. A stoic summoning of the imagination that leaves spectators wholly uncertain whether they look upon actor or character and invites listeners to sink into their own cerebral sarcophagus. Mesmerising, proper.

Edition of 130, comes with a gawjuss screen printed sleeve, a CD containing the off-cuts of the sound track and some very nice wee poster / card bits.

Better get another paper round!

(Released in conjunction with a HORDE of screenings on Portabella’s work that are taking place across London and Cambridge this winter. A festival, if you will. Pick up a programme in-shoppe / or scope some details here).



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