John T. Gast

John T. Gast

The inimitable Gast, making his first appearance under that name since last year’s ‘Overseer’ on Apron. Two remixes (if you’re wondering of who/what, the B-side gives the game away) which evidently took on a life of their own. The A-side is a hulking, gully-as-you-like bashment warhead aimed squarely at the sweating fleshy heart of the dance. On the flip an ambient unravelling, all pillowy string-pads, wave-crash sighs and some irreverent hyper-pop vocal manipulation (at first jarring, then unnerving, and, in the end, sincerely heartbreaking). 10” in yellow dubplate-style paper bag with card insert. Edition of 350, exclusive pre-sale ahead of wider release in a week or two. 



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