Young Druid

Young Druid
Young Druid
Young Druid
New CD on John T. Gast's 5 Gate Temple, apparently by the man himself. Which makes sense - no one does Celtic low-rider quite like this. Young Druid is the marriage of agrarian mysticism and stoned MIDI techno-trap you didn't know you needed, delivered with an AFX-ian feel for space, repetition and melodic/melancholic counterpoint. Street beats for megalithic dreamtime...This feels like something which might've started as a p**stake but which quickly took on a life of its own and somewhere between conception and execution became a deadly serious and committed endeavour. It's genuinely weird, genuinely effective, the sound of your 19th nervous ceilidh breakdown. If you're feeling mad and alone and high or sleep-deprived, stick it on: if the gratuitous synthesized brass doesn't unsettle you to the core, the insane conviction and internal coherence of the whole undertaking certainly will. Edition of 150, hand-stamped. 


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